Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mini cafetiere and more.

I showed you the larger version in my last post and now here is the baby one.
I think it's more or less the same, I can't say 100% as I had to do it from memory but as near as possible anyhow.

The only big difference being that the mini one has a french knot on the middle flower rather than a button, although I had been quite sure I had two the same, I couldn't find the other one to put on here, so a french knot it had to be!
Apart from that I think it more or less matches, I got the two side buttons exactly the same at least, what do you think??

I hope to get a picture of the two together soon, so we can see how matching they actually are, or aren't as the case may be!!

The extremely pink, pink tee has just 28 rows left to do then it will just be a case of doing something with the collar/neck and then sewing it together. It was really only to see how it looks, so if I like it, I'll try and use the same sizing to make one with a nice pattern etc in yarn I really like.

So onto socks. Thanks Linda for the reminder, lol :)

I have been making some tube socks, my first ever try at socks and so my first try with sock yarn.
The yarn itself is nice to work with and being tube socks not difficult to learn.
Here they are when I first started

Then this is where I'm at now.

I'm not sure about it though, because it seems as if the stitches are so pulled, will they wear out within 5 minutes of wearing them!!

Any thoughts???
I just wondered if anyone else had done socks before and could advise.

I don't think I want to continue if they're going to just wear out on me. I'll take them back to where I change hooks and maybe do increases or something to make for ease across that part of my foot.
That's what comes of having small feet with peasants ankles I guess!! lol

Oh and I still forgot to take a picture of the cushion!!
I need to try and remember that for my next post now.

Take care everyone.



  1. Your mini cafetiere looks nice - I like the flowers.
    I think your idea about increasing for the heels in your socks is a good one. I haven't made socks before, so I can't be 100% sure though. Good luck with them. :)

  2. I hope you sort out your sock problem Kim,they are a lovely combination of colours.

  3. I have wanted to make socks but haven't had much luck. Feet are too big! :-)

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  5. Love your socks. I agree with you about adding a few more stitches, I think it will stop the stitches from trying to give up the ghost! You really got me laughing at the "That's what comes of having small feet with peasants ankles", so witty! :)

    Thank you for the comments on my blog. I am re-thinking the entire Mr Crochet thing now.....Oh and Jo wanted to know if he could come hang out at your house.....be warned though, he can devour an entire bag of gingersnaps in a day!

  6. Thanks Debi and Lesley.


    Charlotte, the pattern I'm using is for tube socks, so no real sizing involved except making the increases for the heel and ankle part like I need to there. I think it's going to be pretty easy to figure out though.

    Stitchy, I just knew you would be persuaded by poor Mr Crochet's plight!! lol
    I would love to have Jo for a bit but I just couldn't bring myself to to deprive you of him. It would be too unkind, besides when you're on a diet like me, every gingersnap counts!! lol


  7. Hey Kim, I tried to locate your e-mail but could not to send you the info on the knitted doily. I used Red Heart's Stardust in color way of Orange. I am not sure they make it anymore, it was far back in the "outer limits" of the stash...but I think any super fine weight yarn would work...even crochet cotton, but you'd have to come down a size or two in the knitting needle. I used a us 4. Hope this helps. :) Oh and the pattern was a test knit for tiny knit on Ravelry, you can see the design on her page there. ((hugs)) :)


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