Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Update with pictures.

Today is a busy kind of day here for me. I'm waiting on the new washing machine being delivered. It'll be wonderful to actually be able to get all my washing done properly once Steve has plumbed it all in tonight.
(Am I going mad? How can I be getting excited to do washing???).

I also have to run Tom and one of his friends to college this morning and then take him and 2 others onto a painting job this afternoon.  I've given the delivery people my mobile and asked for an hours notice before they come so that I can make sure I'm here, as I also have to go and clean for Steve's parents Friday lunchtimes as well.
So can't see me getting any 'fun' time for projects today. :(

I do have a little to show you though.
I made another envelope cushion cover.  This one went perfectly except in one place where it pulls slightly. The annoying thing about it is that I felt there was a problem as I was sewing that part, but rather than stop and recheck, I carried on and now am really cross at myself.

Here they are, versions 1 and 2.  Can you tell which is which?  I don't have enough material to center the design, so I'm not worrying about that at the moment, but shape wise, can you see a difference?

Front view:

Back view:

I also tried a table cover with another skirt I cut up. 
These are only for practice of course, but if it were staying there, I'd want to add a cream crochet lace border round it, to finish it off.

Then I  got a bit carried away and pulled an old navy blue top out of the ragbag (note creases) to see how it would look 'refashioned'.
I altered the neckline as it had ribbon there originally that was now pretty much worse for wear and got some bits of lace and a few buttons out and had a play around.
Keeping in mind, it's all just pinned and was only to get an idea of the sort of thing that's possible, I was quite pleased with it really.
Of course the neck lace part would be properly cut to fit and shaped. On here it's just roughly pinned to get an idea. The front lace would be measured out and buttons proportioned properly.
This was just a play around really.



I think it could be alot of fun to do things like this.  Mind you, whether they'd be wearable in public at the end of it, is probably debateable! Ha,ha.

And my poor little pink rose has been sadly neglected, so I'll show you where I was with it and hope to get a bit of time on it this weekend. I can't wait to see it finished. Some of the pinks in it are really nice.

So just to keep you up to date with my happenings ... My cooker broke, my washing machine broke and last night my iron broke!!!
What is it with me?  I hardly dare touch anything now.
Good job Steve has got that 12 week extension at work, I'm off to buy a new iron this weekend as well!

Take care everyone!



  1. Well that's three breakages,it's someone else's turn now to get the cursed three, but not me please :)
    I fully understand your excitement at getting your new washer, it is the one appliance,above even the cooker, that I dread going wrong. I got my present one, two years ago today..hubby said it wasn't what he'd had in mind for his birthday present!!!
    Great sewing and your second cushion looks brilliant.
    Your last rose is very pretty too,they will look lovely together.
    Happy washing :)

  2. It happens to all of us Kim, so don't feel sad. And it will be remedied.

    Congratulations on your sewing, they all look professionally done. The cushion covers are elegant. And I love what you made on the shirt, it's pretty! Now, I've got more tshirts here that needs your magic touch :-D

  3. Your cushions look very pretty. I like the material. I'm going to make some pocket cushion covers as well at some time, they're for some cross stitching that I've started. Hope you're over all your mis-haps. Very inventive sewing you've got going there.

  4. Your cushions are lovely.......beautiful fabric selection and the little table looks perfect....Its fun to jump around between sewing and stitching......very pretty......keep going...LOL

  5. Thanks everyone.

    I need ALOT of practice yet of course, but it's all good fun.



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