Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another week of not alot!

So how are you all?
It's been quite a busy time here still. I've been working hard with Joe on some lessons and projects and am still getting things organised in our lives generally as well, which means not alot of time for me and so no real updates to show here sadly.

I haven't done alot on the knitting, so that hasn't really grown much from when you last saw it. I really must make a big effort with that though, as I want so much to get back to my crochet!

I was pretty fed up to find the wool has this in it!

I really hate finding knots in my yarn. Why do they do that?
What do you do with them? 

I have to admit that generally I would either knit them to the back or undo and use as a sperate piece of yarn and then weave the ends in after.  This time though my mum happened to be here and she undid the knot and weaved/combined the two ends together for me and then we knitted them on. It looks fine.  Much better than my knot!

I got my washcloth finished. It's lovely and soft. I like the stitch pattern I tried. The pattern calls for SC into the front loop only. So I tried this one as SC, alternating FL and BL along. I really like it.
I then just did the normal SC all around as an edging.

Remember my humungous crochet hook for that double chunky yarn? Well I tried it and it makes no difference at all! This is still 50g made up on the monster hook, with a DC stitch.

I just think this yarn will end up as an edging or something on different yarn, as 100g (which is all I have of it) isn't going to make up anything I can think of.

Speaking of yarn making up to nothing. I got these 2nd hand and couldn't leave them as they're so pretty, but one ball or two, again isn't going to make up into anything really. So what can I do with them?

One's a dark green and dark blue combo and the other is dark reddy purple and dark blue. Then there's  one full and one used in the lighter blue yarn balls.
Any suggestions?

Debi, 2nd guess on the mystery project .... nope! haha.  I can't wait to get back to it actually, and now my face washcloth is finished I might be able to run it along with the knitting as a side project. so watch this space for updates .... hopefully!

We have a new addition to our family, another little hamster. He's sooo cute!
I will do a seperate post to share him and our other pets. I love seeing peoples pets and hearing a little about them, so I hope you'll enjoy meeting mine.

Anyhow, back to maths lessons now (HELP!) Hope you are all well and things are going ok with you.
Take care everyone!



  1. Darn - I thought I had it on that one. :)

    The only idea I can think of for the novelty yarn is trim for a scarf. Or maybe the top trim on some kind of cozy.

  2. forgot to mention my 3rd guess - is it a tablerunner?

  3. you can use it on your flip flops..or you can make a scarf? ugh..Math..I would rather grab a hook..

  4. Love the pile of wool, looks like little coloured furry creatures:) I have looked after various hamsters over the years, for friends'children when they have gone away on their hols. I loved everyone of them.

  5. What about a scarf or a boggin for the fuzzy yarn??


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